Fix “Please Call Me”

New Solutions To Fix “Please Call Me”



If you are using a Galaxy device from SK Telecom carrier, you might hear about “Please Call Me’ error. Your phone will appear a “Please Call Me” warning if your phone is marked as lost or you break the contract with SK Telecom.

Don’t waste the time anymore, here is how to fix “Please Call Me’ error on your Galaxy devices.

How To Fix “Please Call Me” Error On Galaxy Devices

In fact, fixing ‘Please Call Me’ is not too difficult. We are going to share two cases to do that. But, before proceeding, you have to download the required files first:

“Please Call Me” Fix: DOWNLOAD HERE

S/N Change tool: DOWNLOAD HERE

Case 1: For Devices With OEM On- FRP ON Without Jumping KNOX

For those devices that can activate OEM Unlocking after flashing combination ROM such as Galaxy S9, S9 plus, Note 9,… it’s quite simple. All you need is to flash the Combination ROM file, enable OEM Unlocking, flash the stock ROM, root your phone and then follow step 6

Step 1: Download and flash combination ROM for your device

For machines can not open OEM in the combin. We need to do it in the following order (except for Note 8 - Level 4 I will guide below)

  • Step 1:  Go to the combin of the machine
  • Step 2:  Factory in combin
  • Step 3:  * # 0808 # open the adb. Use ADB FRP to FRP
  • Step 4:  Run the fix file Please Call Me temporarily: >>  Wait for the phone to restart >> shut down the device to  Download Mode
  • Step 5 : Flash back to the original rom, select the following 4 files:  BL  -  AP  -  Home CSC  -  Userdata >> When the phone reboots, note that the device is not simulated  , no wifi enabled >> Skip the login steps to enter main screen

At this time, if you want 2 sim level, then read cert then 2 sim level, and fix Please Call Me later.
If you just need to fix Please Call Me, go to  Step 6

  • Step 6:  Open OEM in Settings >> install TWRP - ROOT machine.
    • Go to Advanced
    • Select Terminal >> Type the following commands correctly (each line is 1 command):

mkdir EFS
mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /EFS
rm -rf /EFS/sec_efs/sktdm_mem
mkdir /EFS/sec_efs/sktdm_mem
chmod 0440 /EFS/sec_efs/sktdm_mem


 It is done. Exit and reboot is ok.

NOTE: Type each space, slash, or underscore correctly to avoid errors.

Some of you build zip is ok. But according to me, type my hand to remember and do not have to worry about other computers that cannot install the zip partition. 

Note:  For Note 8 - LV4, you cannot FRP OFF with ADB FRP, because Samsung has enhanced new security. I have 2 ways to make FRP OFF but I only share one way (let me keep the other). 

By the way, I also explain more through this way: As I said only SKT network can lock Please Call Me, but on Note 8 without FRP by combin, how do you guys handle it? T

 he Please Call Me fix tool will be temporarily useless when you are connected to the Internet. Because in essence, you cannot mount efs on the combin. Turn on wifi to lock immediately. So there is a little trick here that you need to change the CSC to LUC and change the SN to not be locked, then you can use the call signature to dial ok!
The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1:  Go to the combin of the machine
  • Step 2:  * # 0808 # open up adb
  • Step 3:  Run the file Please Call Me temporarily: please_call_me_by_Vnrom.bat >> wait for the phone to restart.
  • Step 4:  Change SN (this way you will do Knox and you will find it simple)
    • Get the UART cable. Borrow com from any box. Open the tool, open the downloaded file, now there is a Change SN folder.
    • Run tool >> on the phone press * # 7284 #
    • Select the COM port and then copy the command I included in the section >> press Send, wait for the tool to change SN is ok. (SN can be changed as you like, it doesn't matter what you write)
  • Step 5:  Change SN, you change CSC to LUC.
    • Use tool 669 >> open TERMINAL >> select the COM port and then send the command to change CSC to LUC: COPY this command paste into Enter AT Command: AT + PRECONFG = 2, LUC
    • Press the word SEND AT COMMAND >> Wait a few seconds the tool finishes running.
  • Step 6:  Flash back to LG - LUC network original rom. Use call signature to FRP

It is done. You want to sim level then fight.