iCloud Bypass with CHECKRA1N – Step by Step Tutorial

We now have an iCloud bypass for all devices, from iPhone 6 to iPhone X, using Checkra1n and it is a fully functional untethered bypass! You can restart your device, in fact, you can even erase all content and settings and your device will still be bypassed. You will never see this ever again, so without much further ado I’m gonna jump right into this using Checkra1n, so huge thank you to the Checkra1n developers for releasing that utility as it would not be possible without that so let’s just jump right in.

first, this is working only on mac, you will need checkra1n app you can download , and also you will need iproxy libmuxd package. You can install using this script:

iCloud Bypass Requirements

  • Verify the iOS firmware compatibility as checkra1n jailbreak supports through iOS 12.3 to upper
How To Bypass Activation Lock By Checkra1n bypass iCloud


First, you need to, download the latest checkra1n jailbreak version from the official website.
  • Step 2:
In step two, you need to download this software, before you do that, we did not develop this iCloud unlock free tool. All the credit goes to the developers of this tool. You can follow these two guys on twitter (@CrazyMind90 & @ajBboCydia) to support them for developing this fantastic software.
  • Step 3:
Now you need to install the downloaded software named iCloudBypassCA in your macOS. If your system prevents installing it, go to your system preferences and allow it to be installed.

         Step 4:

After installing iCloudBypassCA on your computer, now you need to install the checkra1n jailbreak on your iCloud locked device, follow the installation step above, or follow the checkra1n jailbreak tutorial if you don’t know how to install it on your device.
  • Step 5:
When checkra1n is done, open the iCloudBypassCA tool, it’s the one-click tool to bypass activation lock. Thanks to its developers @CrazyMind90 and @AJBboCydia. On this software, you’ll see a button Move iCloud to Trash, press it, and process to iCloud unlock device will start.