iPhone 2- SCHEMATICS Diagram 

Main Features of Apple Technology 

Apple is a well-known company that has been enjoying customers with various high-quality appliances for many years. Let's try to understand the main features of Apple's technique. 

 Quality or brand?

 It's no secret that a large percentage of people prefer the company "Apple" because of the brand. In modern society, the presence of technology of this company gives a certain social status.

 Many still choose the "Apple" products due to quality. The equipment of this brand is high-quality, reliable and stylish, which is quite important. But like any other technique, Apple's technology can also break. The most common problems are the following: broken glass, the screen or button does not work, or simply the technique does not turn on. All these failures are often remediable, the main thing is to find a good master. In Moscow, the best service center for the repair of Apple's equipment is the "Apple man". Go to the site you can find out more information.

 The company does not save on the safety and quality of its products, which, undoubtedly, is a big plus. The life of the Apple hardware, with careful handling, is almost unlimited.

iPhone 2 Schematics
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