Phoneboard is a free alternative to ZXW Tools dongle and Wuxinji.  The software is available on both Lnux and Windows, but not MacOS.  It’s also not as detailed as ZXW tools (schematics, diode mode readings, multi-layer trace diagrams, etc.), but for basic troubleshooting, it will do.  It is FREE, so how can anyone complain about that?  Another great thing about it is that as of version  it’s available in 7 different languages (English, Polish, Hungarian, Cambodian, Italian, Finnish and French).

Supported Modell

Apple: iPhone / iPad







Phoneboard -v1.9.0 | DOWNLOAD 

Phoneboard -v1.7.0 | DOWNLOAD 

phoneboard-v1.6.2 | DOWNLOAD 

phoneboard-v1.6.1 | DOWNLOAD 

    How to Use Phoneboard

Installing this tool is very easy. Your system should have around 55 MB space on hard drive to efficiently install and run this tool.

Step-1 Download the Phoneboard and unzip it to get the setup folder

Step-2 You will see an executable file Phoneboard .exe. Double click to open it.

Step-3 Then follow the instructions to install it on your PC/Laptop

Step-4 Open the Phoneboard tool.

Step-5 On the left panel click on Phone or tablet to check for the respective device.

Step-6 You will see a list of devices that are supported by the tool.

Step-7 Click on the device name and the phoneboard info will show up.

That’s it. It was simple..! wasn’t it..?! So, if you want to check phoneboard info for your device then try out the Phoneboard Tool